6 Lessons/Tips to Achieve Personal Clarity and Vision in 2020

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Tasneem Virani from Claris Coaching
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Lesson/Tip 6 Shifting your Energy to Build your Purpose Statement for 2020


Here is What You'll Learn

Tip 1 Stepping Back and Looking at 2019

Here you will have an opportunity to review 2019, the highs and lows and see how different emotions can have you in a cloud or fog and how others can give you greater clarity.

Tip 2 Learn how the Brain Works

In this session, you will have a taste of neuroscience and how different chemicals react based on emotions and your own self belief and by becoming more self aware you can have more Clarity.

Tip 3 Exercise on Purpose and Aspirations

This session will draw you to see beyond the clouds and build on your purpose and aspirations as a wish list for 2020 and beyond.

Tip 4 Learn how to Appreciate and Build on the Unique You

Learn how to appreciate and build on your experience and skills during your lifetime.

Tip 5 Aligning your Values

An exercise to look into your own values that are important to you and see how they can be aligned in 2020.

Tip 6 Shifting your Energy to Build your Purpose Statement for 2020

Shifting your energy to Build Your Purpose Statement for 2020 with a formula


About Tasneem Virani

Tasneem Virani is an organisational and executive coach with over 20 years’ international experience in human performance and change management. More importantly Tasneem is a lifelong learner that understands that change in the only constant factor in life and draws many examples of this from the analogy of water.

Working at a strategic and operational level, she has trained over 5000 individuals worldwide, establishing a proven track record in identifying and modifying personal and organisational behaviour. Tasneem employs a humanistic approach in leadership and management development, team performance improvement, customer service delivery, career management and planning, emotional intelligence and conversational intelligence, delivered through organisational training programmes and individual coaching.

Tasneem offers a deep understanding of the dynamics of emotional intelligence and the neuroscience behind it, and human behaviour driven by personal motivations and goals. Her experience from leading the lifelong learning programme across Europe for the Ismaili community, working in hospitality/hotels, call centres, care homes and not-for-profit sectors gives her the ability to quickly establish rapport at all levels and to unlock individual potential, resulting in improved clarity of self and maximum productivity.

A qualified Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and Fellow of the National College of Psychotherapists, Tasneem holds a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Training and Performance Management. She also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Executive Coaching and is a certified Birkman Consultant , Certified by Six Seconds on Emotional Intelligence, by WBECS on Conversational Intelligence (CI-Q) , and Professional Certified Mediator with ADR-ODR International.

February 22nd
13:00 GMT